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Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that my golden, Maverick, LOVES your cookies. My parents bought him a box for Christmas, and just brought him the Valentine's Day box today. He goes crazy for them and they are absolutely beautiful. Just thought I would let you know!

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They just arrived!  They’re adorable! 

Are you SURE these are for the dogs?  I’m tempted to try one myself!  I just gave a Peanut Bud-ders one to each dog and they give an enthusiastic four-paws-up!            

                                                                 Lea—Vacaville, CA

Dog Mom's BakeryText Box: Roxie
Roxie LOVES your bakery goodies. She now knows that around 7pm it's snack time and she stares at the back hall door and starts wagging her tail vigorously..ha.
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Ready for the big 
Cal game!
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her new family!
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Hi Michelle, your fabulous cookies arrived in plenty of time and all three of the family's Goldens were in awe, in fact the humans were in awe too!  We love the beautifully decorated gourmet cookies that you create and love to spoil our Goldens, so this is a great combo -your cookies and our Goldens!

Thanks again!  Maureen

Our dog Bonnie got her cookies today in the mail.  I must say they look good enough for humans to eat.  She said four paws up.  Bonnie loves your cookies and we will be back for more.               Thanks so much, Nancy

The cookies are a wonderful treat.  I hope you are doing a great business.  All of our dog bakeries are gone here in Sacramento.  Your presentation of the card, beautiful box- you have done a wonderful job! I bought a gift for a friends dog too, can't wait to hear how her dog likes them.

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Dog Mom's BakeryText Box: Remo
Remo "chooses" his cookie- it is so adorable as he sniffs each cookie and then gently takes his choice from the box!
Text Box: Beau

I just wanted to tell you how attractive the arrangement is (and how tempting for ME to eat!) and that Beau -- who is very fussy about his treats and will actually refuse anything that does not appeal to him -- has already gobbled up two of them.

Dog Mom's Bakery

Three VERY satisfied customers!


Daisy Mae



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Our newest fan!
Dog Mom's Bakery

Lucas’s Birthday Party

Thanks for helping make the event special.  Dogs and humans alike loved the treats.

Dog Mom's Bakery

Vito & Tina

Just received this picture from my cousin when Vito opened the box of cookies.  They were a hit at our Thanksgiving dinner.  Every human received doggy bags of Turkey and the dogs were sent home with cookie doggy bags.

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My official taste tester at Kibble & Bids 2011

Dog Mom's BakeryText Box: Cooper 
Cooper loves Dog Mom's Bakery! The prices are great and the shipping is fast! We got our bones today and they are a big hit!
Dog Mom's BakeryText Box: The Zavas Kids 
Thank you  for quickly making Bonnie’s birthday special!!! Brothers were happy to help celebrate and share in the beautiful treats. These very satisfied customers send tail wags and wet kisses to their favorite baker.